UB40 ” For the many ” new album promo session

I’ve been working with with the living legends of reggae, UB40 for just over a year, after accompanying my friends at THTC Clothing to a number of their gigs. The band commissioned me to take group shots and portraits for their newly released album, ‘For the Many’, the band’s first album in five years marking their 40th anniversary.

We shot at two locations - the first being the roof of the Custard Factory, in central Birmingham, overlooking the skyline of the city, referencing artwork from their earlier albums. We then moved to another rooftop venue in the Mailbox . This work now lines the album, and is part of their roadshow displays.

Get your hands on UB40’s ‘For The Many’ album via their Pledgemusic page

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UB40 merchandise shop https://shop.thtc.co.uk/collections/thtc-x-ub40

Portraits of : Brian Travers, Robin Campbell, Duncan Campbell, Norman Hassan, Earl Falconer,James Brown, Laurence Parry,Tony Mullings, Martin Meredith.

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